Why orchids?

I think when you think about exotic flowers, the first picture that comes to mind is an orchid. There are over 20,000 species of orchids worldwide, some of which are found in Thailand. While they do grow in forests, orchids have long been farmed and populated for gardening purposes. Most commercially available orchids here include Catteleya, Phalaenopsis, and Venus Slipper, all under two thousand baht or so.


Growing an orchid needs special attention to the climate conditions. Each strain requires separate criteria for treatment. Generally, orchids thrive in temperature of around 25-35 degree Celsius with 60–80% humidity. They do not do well being under direct sunlight, however. So, you need to place them under a shade or a screen. But make sure that the space is well ventilated and not too windy.

Since orchids are aerial plants, no soil is needed. Placing them in a pot with coir or coal would do. Watering is a must, but not too often. It is quite a picky child!


Orchids can live up to 120 years! Even though they can outlive you, leaving them to nature will surely kill them. It is a delicate creature that needs special care. But with its indisputable beauty, I think it deserves all the attention, does it not?